Company Background

Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. (AVC) is a Florida corporation established in 1986, offering vegetation management and general environmental consulting services throughout the southeast. Since its establishment as a vegetation management company specializing in the control of invasive wetlands and upland species, AVC has broadened its scope of capabilities to include upland and aquatic invasive plant control, mitigation planting and maintenance, hydro-ecological restoration projects, weed sciences research and development, utility right-of-way and infrastructure vegetation control and utility emergency response field transportation services.

AVC was founded to provide innovative and cost-effective services to public and private clients with projects that include natural resource or water management concerns. Services are performed professionally and personally, so clients are informed and included in each project phase. This interaction is achieved by providing experienced, competent professionals that serve as a client's staff extension.

Although AVC was founded strictly as an aquatic and roadside vegetation management firm, the current senior staff has extensive experience managing a wide variety of small and large-scale environmental projects ranging from re-vegetation to protected species inventory to plant growth regulation. In addition, the senior staff has worked together on projects for over thirty years. Because of this long-term relationship and experience, we offer our clients a proven team of environmental professionals with diverse backgrounds capable of meeting resource management and consulting needs within specified timeframes and budgets.

Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc., is recognized as an innovative leader in aquatic and terrestrial vegetation management. In 1986, AVC started as a family-owned company with only four employees. Today AVC has grown to employ 105 full-time employees and 120-190 contract workers per day operating out of four Florida facilities. The corporate headquarters has been in Riviera Beach since 1992, and many current projects are managed and logistically supported at this established facility. In addition to this home facility, there are warehouse offices in Palm City, Pembroke Pines, and Florida City, Florida. To perpetuate a sense of unity, commitment, pride, and ownership, AVC adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan trust in 2008. The company is now 40% employee-owned, representing the majority of stock ownership.

AVC was built upon three fundamental principles: quality, value, and responsible stewardship. Since its incorporation, Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc.'s scope of services has expanded to include mitigation/restoration monitoring and native planting, invasive plant control in conservation and mitigation areas, integration of biological control agents and aeration into aquatic vegetation management programs, and utility right-of-way vegetation management. Although not officially calculated, since 1986, AVC has treated more than one million acres of Florida’s waterways and natural lands. This service area has stretched from the Key West Naval Air Station to the Pensacola area’s Gulf Shores Wildlife Refuge.

The fundamental principles of quality work and client relations, value-added services for all clients, and the responsible care of aquatic and terrestrial systems under our stewardship are the driving influences that have made Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. a leader in Florida's vegetation management needs. In addition to these three core values, the company is committed to increasing the quality of the communities in which we conduct business. This is accomplished through involvement in many civic organizations and providing volunteer support for community and environmental events.

Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. professionals are proud to be among those organizations supporting the management of Florida's natural resources, be it upland or wetland, freshwater or estuarine, for both the private and public sectors. We support each client by providing a competent staff of professionals capable of delivering innovative, cost-effective management and reporting programs while functioning as an extension of the client's team in all aspects of a project. In short, Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc.'s use of experienced professionals, dependable equipment, extensive knowledge of herbicides and other management practices, practical experience gained from a variety of projects, and current positive working relationships with State and local regulatory agencies are just a few of the qualifications that make Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. the optimal choice for providing such programs.



Supported Organizations

Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
Florida Invasive Species Council
Florida Vegetation Management Association
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
North American Invasive Species Management Association
Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
South Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
American Public Works Association
 ABC Florida East Coast Chapter
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals