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The team of professionals at AVC has extensive experience in providing the most effective and efficient aquatic vegetation management programs in Florida. This experience includes luxury residential waterways for the private sector and controlling nuisance vegetation in public drainage systems and federal navigational waters. Each project is completed to the client's satisfaction, whether public or private.

AVC provides fully integrated vegetation management programs consisting of the selective use of herbicides, introduction of triploid grass carp for the control of submerged plants, inoculations of approved bacteria colonies for providing clear water with reduced bottom sediments, use of sequestering agents to alter nutrient cycling, installation of lake aeration systems and floating fountains for aesthetics and healthier waterways, native plantings, and mechanical or hand removal as needed. This integrated approach allows for healthy, aesthetically pleasing waterways.

AVC is the industry leader in providing sound, value-oriented environmental management. Our land management teams control invasive plants on thousands of acres of natural land and restore upland and wetland communities to promote biodiversity in flora and fauna. We offer a partnership for managing natural resources and building relationships with our clients to ensure their program's success. Some of our newest technology incorporates GPS data integrated with our clients' GIS and mapping capabilities to help develop land management strategies. Our certified herbicide applicators control weeds that will become road, utility, or drainage hazards that may threaten life and property. We offer crisis assistance and disaster recovery, crucial to drainage rights-of-way.

One of the unique aspects of AVC is our ability to support environmental consulting firms and land development companies by providing complete services for creating new areas, enhancing existing mitigation areas, and restoring altered natural areas. These services include baseline documentation, implementing hydro-ecological monitoring plans, clearing, grading, selective or mechanical removal of invasive plants, installation of native plant species, and maintenance to control the re-occurrence of invasive plants to encourage the establishment of the desired native plant community.

AVC has extensive experience installing native plants and selective maintenance of invasive species in both wetland and upland sites. Due to this extensive experience, one aspect differentiating AVC is our ability to examine planting sites and identify characteristics that may impact the project's success economically. Another important ability is the successful location of available plant material needed to meet a designated planting schedule and material specifications.

The professionals at AVC include Environmental Scientists, Professional Wetland Scientists, and an ISA Certified Arborist capable of overseeing native plantings and conducting required maintenance. AVC's proven project history of positive working relations with local and State regulatory agencies enables AVC to better portray our partners and clients in a positive light.



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