Holistic Lake Management Services

AVC takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to lake health. The entire lake ecosystem, including the water quality, the aquatic plants, the fish and wildlife, and the watershed are all examined. Our Holistic Lake Management Services can include all of the following:

• Professional consultation and representation
• Water quality and sediment monitoring
• Turbidity control
• Aeration system and fountain sales and service
• Harvesting/mechanical removal of nuisance vegetation
• Bacterial and enzymatic nutrient removal
• Organic sediment reduction
• Grass carp stocking
• Native fish stocking





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Supported Organizations

Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
Florida Invasive Species Council
Florida Vegetation Management Association
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
North American Invasive Species Management Association
Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
South Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
American Public Works Association
 ABC Florida East Coast Chapter
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals