Upland and Wetland Invasive Vegetation Control

Invasive plants are non-native species that can infiltrate wetlands and uplands and cause many negative impacts. When invasive plants outcompete native plants, the natural ecosystem is disrupted. The disruption can create breeding grounds for pests and diseases, reducing water quality, killing off fish and other wildlife, and increasing the risk of flooding. We employ upland and wetland invasive vegetation control services in the following areas:

• Public conservation and natural areas
• Private conservation areas and ranchland
• Utility and road rights-of-way
• Stormwater treatment areas (STAs)
• Mitigation banks and onsite mitigation areas
• Private urban preserves
• Military installations




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Supported Organizations

Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
Florida Invasive Species Council
Florida Vegetation Management Association
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
North American Invasive Species Management Association
Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
South Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
American Public Works Association
 ABC Florida East Coast Chapter
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals