My lake has weeds and algae, what should I do?

It is normal and healthy for a lake to have aquatic plants and algae growing in them. They help support a fish population and take up excess nutrients.
There are many functions a lake can provide and it should be managed accordingly. Weeds and algae can be controlled in many different ways. The first step in a plant management process is the identification of the weeds and algae. A lake management professional can help with plant identification and recommend options to allow the lake to provide the preferred functions.

My lake/canal banks are eroding into the water, what should I do?

Water will always seek the lowest point in the area. The first item to address is identifying the watershed. It is like a funnel, water that falls within the rim of the funnel will drain through the spout. Water that falls outside the rim will not. Once you have identified the watershed, then plans can be made to address the erosion. Water erosion is caused by water velocity and volume and can be managed in many different ways. An erosion control professional can provide solutions to the issue.

What are invasive plants? Why are they bad?

Invasive plants did not grow in the local area until they were brought in by an outside source. They have often different growth patterns than native plants and sometimes take over native plants. Some invasive plants have the potential to grow so rapidly, they form a “monoculture” or stand of one type of invasive plant. This reduces the diversity of habitat that native insects, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and mammals need to survive.

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