Forestry & Row Services

Brush ControlForestry Brush Control

AVC is proud to be the leader and innovator in both Road Surface and Roadside Brush Control for over 15 years. These services are provided to forestry companies, forest consultants and private land owners to reduce the costs of maintaining the right-of-way within timberlands. Our Roadside Brush Control Program is proven to reduce the need to mechanically cut brush from every two years to five years with herbicide application. The sunlight this provides to the roads helps keep them dry and thus more passable. Another benefit of this Road Surface Program is the maintenance of a twenty four foot wide natural fire break while reducing turbidity associated with mechanical maintenance.

Areas of application:

Forest Road Surface and Roadside Brush Control

Forestry Management Services

In addition to maintaining forestland infrastructure, AVC also provides custom forestry management services to increase forest productivity by controlling competing vegetation for nutrients, space, and sunlight. These services include herbicide applications for mid-rotation competition reduction, fuel reduction, and site preparation. To complement these application services, AVC also provides maintenance of fire breaks through a program of effective herbicide application and mechanical discing.

Areas of application:

Site Preparation, Release, and Mid Rotation Herbicide Applications, Prescribed Fire Preparation.

GPSGPS Technology

AVC uses DeLorme GPS technology to help our clients extend the reach of their data collection and GIS activities. We understand that the need for accountability is greater today than at any time in the past. Many companies find themselves doing more with less and our ability to work from Shape Files enables us to save them time and money. Along with our truck mounted  DeLorme units, we also incorporate hand held Garmin units to increase the areas we can access and record.

Supported Organizations

Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
Florida Invasive Species Council
Florida Vegetation Management Association
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
North American Invasive Species Management Association
Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
South Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
American Public Works Association
 ABC Florida East Coast Chapter
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals